Jio tower complaint number - Tower installation complain

Jio tower complaint number - Tower installation complain
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  • 02 August 2021

Dear users, here you can get the number of Reliance Jio mobile tower complaints. Have you any issues or questions then you can call us or fill the complaint form online. Read all details and get the update of Reliance Jio Tower.

Jio tower complaint number

Jio Tower Complaint Number Jio SIM Complaint Number
7294-98-4086 198 (toll free)
1800 (toll free) 1800 889 9999
9990 1800 889 3999
(+91) 7294984086 121

We have shared the Jio complaint numbers above, so if you are in contact with us then our working hours are Mon-Sat 10:00 to 18:00. So please call us when the time is under this.

Reliance Jio company has decided to install more than seven thousand towers all over India, which is to be completed by 2023, then we would like to tell you that if you have not installed the tower yet. If you have any land where jio tower can be installed then contact us today and you are facing any problem related to Jio Tower installation then we assure you that your problems will be solved here as you have come to the right place. This website has been created so that people who are facing many problems due to Jio Tower installation, their problems can be resolved by taking online reports because due to COVID-19, our staff can reach out to you right now so they cannot even take problems. Here you have been given a lot of ways to make a complaint in Jio Tower, in which the easiest way is to call the number or do it myself.

How to complaint Jio Tower? - Mobile Tower Complaint

We would like to tell you that complaining about any problems related to Jio Tower has become very easy now. The company has started this website to register any such problems online where our customers can send any problems to us online so that we can review them and get them resolved as soon as possible. All you have to do is to go to our website and click on the complaint button. There you will receive a form which you will have to submit by filling all the details properly with your complaint and we would like to inform you that due to lack of customer executive right now it may take some time to review your form so we would like to request you to wait for minimum 7 days and maximum 15 days. If you have an urgent complaint, you can immediately call on the number given on our website and share all your problems with our customer executives.

Jio tower complaint mail id - Jio mobile tower complaint email

Jio company is the largest telecom company in India with more than 500 million active users. Jio is the only company that has given the internet and calling service free in the whole country. Jio has achieved a lot of success in its short time, because of which Jio started franchisees like Jio Fiber, Jio SIM, Jio Mart, etc.

Jio keeps on doing new research every day to make its network better, out of which Jio has decided that in these 2 years, it will do the work of installation of more than 7000 towers all over India and more than half of the projects have been completed. So many towers have been installed in which there have been some problems in many areas. Given this, the company has started this website to register any complaint online regarding Jio tower installation, in which the company has shared Jio mobile tower installation complaint number, Jio complaint email id, etc., by using which you can contact us and you can get the solution of all your problems as soon as possible. When you choose mail id to complaint jio 5g mobile tower complaint then the company will reply within 72 hours.

If you have any problem regarding Jio mobile tower installation then you can complain here. Jio tower customer care executive will contact you as soon as possible. If your complaint is urgent then you can also call us the number given by the company.


Jio tower rent complaint - Jio tower monthly rent issue

First of all, we would like to apologize to you that you are facing any problem recording jio tower rent because this problem weakens the relationship between our customer and us so the company solves any such problems first. Whereas it should have happened that you should not have to face any such problems because Jio is the biggest telecom company in the whole of India and if their customer has to face any such problems then it is very unfortunate for the company. We assure you that if you are troubled by any such problems, then the company will remove this problem from you. We would like to know what kind of problem you are facing regarding Jio mobile tower rent. Has your check bounced or is your amount not transferred to your account? If you are facing any such problem then share all these things with us because it may happen that your amount has not been transferred to your account but has been sent from here. Jio company assures you that even ₹1 of your Reliance Jio tower monthly rent will not be lost, so do not worry at all about this matter and calmly share all your problems with us so that we understand the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Jio tower problem complaint - Jio tower installation complaint

What kind of problems are you facing? Is the jio tower installation not done on your land or is the jio tower installation work on your land stalled or is getting very slow or is there any problem related to your rent or your check bounced or your tower installed it's gone, it's not working well. If you can find the solution to any such problems here, then contact us on the given number or email id today and get the solution to all your problems as soon as possible.

Jio tower check bounce - Jio tower rent complaint

In some cases, your jio 4g/5g mobile tower installation rent is pending or rejected due to Terms & Conditions. The company always tell with every customer to follow our rules and regulation as well as agreement. If you have broken any such condition then you have to face these type of issues but we will assure you that your problem will solve but the company plenty you some charges.

We would like to tell you that the account number you have given in the Jio company, on which your Jio towers rent comes, should neither be closed nor paused under any circumstances because only after such a thing happens, you should get such problems are encountered. You should always double-check that your account is working properly because the company automatically transfers reliance jio monthly rent on one of your accounts at the end of the month or your check is issued and if your account remains closed then your amount goes to pending.

If you have any general inquiry or question related to Jio tower or monthly rent, without any hesitation you can contact the company and you will touch with us. Please talk with us if you have any doubts or questions related to any topic of Reliance Jio 5G/4G mobile tower installation.


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