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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How do I request a Jio Tower?

    How to register for Jio Tower?

    First, you have to apply online for mobile tower installation then you need to verify your tower's location after that, you will eligible for Jio Tower installation. The company also asks for property NOC as well as the owner's documents for identity verification.

  • Which company installs Jio Tower?

    On the internet, many companies are available that offer Jio Tower installation but you should take time to choose the right place so that your work has been done legally from the side. We are the company that installs Jio Tower on plot or rooftop. You can contact me here and you can get more information.

  • How do I apply for Jio towers?

    If you have a plot or house, that has been verified and cleared NOC certificate by the government, then Jio tower may install on your property. First, you have to do apply online via Reliance Jio Telecom Limited and submit your form, after that the company will review your form and it may be approved or rejected.

  • What is the process of Jio tower installation?

    First, you fill-up the online application form for Jio tower installation. After that Reliance Jio will review your form and ask for documents of the tower's location. After this process, the agreement paper will be released and you will receive the advance amount and then tower installation work will be started.

  • How do I get Jio tower in my village?

    How to install a Jio tower in my village?

    Lots of Jio towers are installed in the village but several projects are left and possibly finished shortly. If you have any kind of land in the village area then you can also apply for towers installation. Reliance Jio Telecom Limited will review your application and approved it soon.

  • How can I install mobile tower in my land?

    If your land is cleared Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) by the government and also there is not any medical faculty as well as children park then your land will be approved for mobile tower installation otherwise Reliance Jio Telecom Limited will reject your application due to tower installation rules and regulations.

  • How can I check Jio tower installation status?

    Easy way to check your Jio mobile tower installation status. First, You need to apply, then your tower status will be shown on Reliance Jio Telecom Limited's official website. If you are not able to find the status page then you will contact us at 7294984086 or mail, then we will send your jio tower status online.

  • How do I talk to a Jio advisor?

    Due to COVID-19, all work has gone online after that then we have realized that we can communicate better with our customers online than offline. So Jio advisor is also available here.

  • What is the rent of Jio Tower?

    As per Reliance Jio Telecom Company, Jio tower rent varies in urban and rural areas, so you need to know about both plans so that you do not remain in any confusion. Otherwise, you can check this blog for more information on Jio tower monthly rent.

  • What is the rent of mobile tower?

    What is rent for mobile tower?

    Updating to Telecom Company, mobile tower installation work is paused now but in some states, this work is going on as before. So every year every single company updates its mobile tower rent (Minimum 4,000 to a Maximum of 10,000).

  • What is advance amount in Jio tower installation?

    One time advance amount in Jio tower installation. When your tower's location is approved by Reliance Jio Telecom and clear Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) by the government, after that the company deposits the advance amount in the owner account. Note you have to clear your RTGS charge then RBI releases your amount.

  • What is jio helpline number?

    Call at (+91)-7294984086 in India (24X7). Jio helpline number for any problem or mobile network tower issues. You can call this helpline number and then a customer care executive will be in connect with you.

  • What is the helpline number of jio?

    What is the jio helpline number?

    The helpline number is the way through which you can contact Jio Telecom Company and you can ask your any problem or doubts here. Jio helpline number is always open for customers you can call anytime and talk to an expert.

  • How do I contact Jio for tower installation?

    How do I contact Jio Tower?

    The simple way to contact with Jio tower installation company, call this number +91-7294984086. You can communicate with a Jio tower customer care executive and they will help you a lot and answers your question as well.

  • What is Jio toll free number?

    What is the toll free number of jio?

    Jio toll-free number in India (1800-1800). Due to COVID-19, the toll-free number of Jio has been paused, taking care of the health of Jio staff but you can contact us online. You can communicate online until the toll-free number is started.

  • How do I complain to Jio Tower?

    How do I compliant to Jio Tower?

    You can call or mail Reliance Jio Telecom Company and they review your complaint and resolve it as soon as possible. If you have face any type of problem regarding Jio Tower Installation then you can complain to RJIL anytime via mail or call.

  • How do I complain about a tower?

    If you land selected for a mobile tower installation and you have face tower installation problem or monthly rent issue or any type of difficulty then you can complain to your tower company operator via mail or contact us form, then they will review your complaint and contact you as soon as possible.

  • Is Jio 5G available?

    Reliance Jio Telecom Limited has started working on a 5G network in India. Due to coronavirus diseases, it may take some extra time to launch but much testing has been completed so far and we assure you that it will be available till 2022.

  • When Jio 5G will come?

    When will jio 5g come?

    The Reliance Jio Telecom Company is working on a 5G network very loudly, so you can expect it to be available in India as soon as possible and it would not be wrong to say that Reliance Company will launch it in the market by 2022.

  • Is 5G tower installed in India?

    5G is a stronger network than 4G but to make any network powerful it is necessary to have the quality of the tower and at the same time, it is also important to install towers in every area. So the company is started more than seven thousand 5G tower installation projects in India.